Thursday, January 12, 2012

How the Hell did we get here?

How the Hell did we get here?

In these modern days which we live in, a University Diploma, or degree is practically nothing without experience. It is not completely nothing, but according to my understanding, it is basically knowledge combined with minimum experience.  Gone are those days where people graduated and jumped into fantastic jobs.

How the Hell did we get here? My cousin and I came to this very question as I was going through the Sunday newspaper and she was complaining about her mundane activities.  “I never thought that I will end up with a crappy job” she said. Is that how thing become before getting the ultimate post? Do we have to settle in the 1.8 square metre offices before we get to the corner, top floor office with a private bathroom? Maybe it’s beyond the physical life and there is some sort of thing that needs to be spiritual done in order to be where we want to see ourselves.  

The efforts we make while studying and money we give to tellers so we can invest in education does not get us to the end of the road. Instead, it buys us the ticket to be in the amasing race of becoming successful. What’s the point? Well the point is that you are well educated, and you view to life is deeper and much broader way.  Unless you were anti-social and crammed text books just to get by.

“Just go and get experience” they say. The big question is, where are we going to get the good experience from?

We seemed to know the maze very well; how the hell did we get here?

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