Sunday, January 15, 2012

Born to live and survive

We were born to live and survive... 

At the beginning of the New Year we make resolution to better ourselves and to get rid of old habits. Basically we are planning how to survive.  While we exist in this world, we are faced with a number of challenges that we have to overcome in order to “survive” as I put it.  We sometimes find ourselves in situations and living in circumstances that we never thought that we can ever be in. this may be because we took the wrong turn in the maze, just for the sake of survival.

It’s been said that as humans we have the need to be loved and to belong to a social group.  It is in these very groups that we find destruction. “Not everyone is grateful for your success and developments in life” an old lady once said to me. These very people whom we call friends and pillars of strengths might be digging your grave. It’s only a matter of survival. 

The only thing is to have Hope, faith, peace, love and to believe in ourselves.

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