Monday, December 5, 2011

Cape Town 2011

We have reached yet another end of a year… Some of us have lost friends and family members. 2011 was great for some and not one of the best for others.  As you stand wherever you may be, whether it is at the office or street corner, train station or bus stop, you should be grateful that you made it through.

Forgive all those who trespass against you, and do not forget because you will repeat the same mistake, and maybe next time you will not survive the impact. Accept what has happened and move on.

January 2011 I took a turn from the Bizzy and fast highways of Gauteng. The city of Gold was too much for me. As the suitcase Guy, I packed my bags and headed towards the two oceans. The moist wind of the Cape was breath taking and relaxing. Not only the wind was calming, the architect and design of the City brought light to my life.

Like in the city of gold, where the possibility of any streets light having to turn into a spotlight shining on you are great, you are bound to find opportunists who will even use you to get the spotlight to shine on them.

My signature for 2011 is in… my bags are packed and ready to go into 2012 with a bag. XOXO Thanks to All mighty God I made it through.

Much Love
Lawrence Siya. Successful Mzizi

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