Thursday, December 15, 2011

Lawrence the Volunteer

It all started with a smile, followed by a handover of a business card. From that moment on, I had hoped that I had made a good impression and potential employment will follow. Yes this hope indeed became a reality when I was employed as the Communications Assistant, even though I was a volunteer. After completing my Degree I decided to take on a volunteer role at a non-governmental organisation. A wise man once said to me in order to receive what you want you must give willingly and don’t just give because you have to, do it with passion, love and dedication. So that’s what I set my mind into doing and I surely loved it.

The staff at the foundation was welcoming and supporting to an extent whereby I did not feel like a volunteer. Even though some of my friends kept telling me that I deserve better that R200 a week, I was not brought down or discouraged. I simply loved my job, and the people I work for.

I took every second as a golden moment and did not take into consideration the negativity that particular colleagues spat every now and then. My role was to assist the communications manager. And one day when I am the Editor and chief of a well-established publication, I would know how best to treat interns, assistants and volunteers. Day in and day out I blossomed with laughter and smiles.

I for one believe in God, and believe that he had blessed me with the great opportunity to be part of the lively, colourful, soulful and loving foundation. I am truly grateful and wish that my future brightens… There are too many words to say, before I start sounding inappropriate I will end here.
To everyone who I met during my volunteer period, and those who supported me, thank you.

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