Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The Need or Want to Belong

Maslow has identified the human needs, and he explains that these needs are like a pyramid. The basic needs in the bottom need to be fulfilled in order to fulfil the other needs upper on the pyramid. Among these needs, he identifies that as humans we have the need to belong to a particular group or society.

We sometime find ourselves surprised in random groups. Well I found myself surprised in a group with friends who do not share the same vision in life with me. As I go through the pictures I took with these people along the years, I cannot help to ask myself as to how could I have spent six years of my life with these people and be so blind?

Was I just fulfilling this need to belong to a social group? Or fulfilling needs to be loved and be listened to by friends, regardless of what they believed in or how they lived their lives. If so, then how valid are these statements that say: “birds of the same flock fly together”, “you are who you hang out with”.

I have been a complete different bird that flew with a different flock and did not realise it until my need was satisfied. Is that what life has come up to be? To adapt, integrate, fulfil the need and move on?

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