Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Dear Patrick at Heart and Stroke Foundation South Africa

Hi Lawrence

I trust you are keeping well and have been able exercise your creative ideas.

I’m am just enquiring if you have found fulltime  employment as yet, if not, please contact me .

Hoping to hear from you soon.

Warm Regards
Programme Director: HR/IR
The Heart and Stroke Foundation SA                  

Dear Patrick

Sorry for the late reply. I only notice you e-mail now, pilled under all the junk mail that come into this mailbox. Besides the fact that I have gained a little bit of weight and my parents keep telling me that I will be fat in a year, I am doing so fantastic. I have been a very productive couch potato, I have been logging onto the internet, applying for jobs week in and week out, clean the dishes and get glued to the TV screen while I wait for a call for an interview.

I have literally tried half the job agencies and all they can provide me with is a part time Call Centre job. Here is a classic at MULTICHOICE Africa, I was fashionably rejected for a call centre job because I am {here is the word} Over Qualified. I have gotten used to being so rejected; it is as if I needed it more to survive, than to take a breath of oxygen. It is very tough to find job in Gauteng. If it’s not your “over qualified”, then it is “you don’t have enough experience”. Regardless of the ups and downs, I still have the spirit. And I know that sometime soon, someone will open the door.

On a lighter note, I graduated last month on the 19th April 2012. I did not have much time on my hands as I arrived on a Tuesday and left on the Friday. It was a fantastic short trip.

In conclusion, Thanks for checking up on me it means a lot that I am being missed at HSFSA, I surely miss you too. I am currently unemployed and searching though websites, newspapers, and agents. But the greatest part is, I’m in no hurry, a good job will come when the time is right.

Yours Sincerely

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