Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Too many words to say- The book

I wrote a book, and titled it "Too many words to say". The book is about how a PR practitioner became who he really is. It outlines the challenges that he faced in university. The book tells the tails of the good and bad relationships and the partying that went on. Brace yourselves, with 

chapter 1. 

  Something is wrong!

Welcome to Kgarankuwa Hospital. A whole lot of things happen here, people are born and people die in this place. Some are here to visit the sick; and others are here to finish them off. The short tempered people in blue and white are here to help ease the situation. Right in front of the main desk, is a man with a knife in his arm, his name is Bongani.  Apparently he was involved in a gang fight; it became clear when his mother and girlfriend stormed in 4 hours ago demanding assistant, but unfortunately they were welcomed with the special  hospital treatment.

 “Put this bandage around the wound, Sit down, wait in line, and the doctor will assist you as soon as possible.”

You think that is crazy; you don’t know the other half; there are worse things that happen here.  On the other ward, it’s been said that there is a ghost. The evidence is real, “oh please” one of the student nurse said until she found the trolley moving by itself 3 hours after midnight. As she ran to her room, she bumped into a sexy, fashionable lady, dressed in her graduation gown.

“Nerse!” as the Pretorians (people who originate in the townships of Pretoria and those who move in the township, and who have picked up the lingo) call them. Sorry, can I ask?”
“Yebo buza” which means ask.
“When are graduations?”
 “I don’t know” she looked at the opposite direction and walked away feeling very Irritated. Her hair stood and there was a sudden breeze. Later when she explained her experience to her colleagues, they told her that she spoke to a ghost.  She was a student from the Medical University of South Africa (MEDUNSA- which is now known as the university of limpopo) who passed away on the day of her graduations.

As everyone runs up and down, and some waiting in line for the doctor to come along, we find two best friends sitting on the bench one  whipping blood from his nose and the other keeps the toilet paper supply going.
“What happened?” “How come it happened to both of us?”
 Punna and Themba questioned each other how can it be possible that the same tragic event happened to them in different space and time.
“When I recall of the incident, someone had helped me, but when I stood up, there was no one there. I stood up and ran to the security guards yelling for help.” Punna plotted his side of the story.

“I was in the toilet with khaya (An athlete who nearly won the title as MR tut twice), suddenly someone came in, and the next thing we were on the floor with blood all over.” Themba concluded his side of the story.

An hour later, at exactly 04:o4 Themba was assisted and later followed Punna at 04:17. This was the most unforgettable event of their lives.
 “Immediately after getting back at ress, I’m packing my bags and I am going home, something is wrong” Punna outlined his action plan. 

Back at W3 room 212, at the TUT Soshanguve South Campus, where the two best friends lived; there was not much talking when they both packed their bags heading for home. I would not blame you if you thought that they just got home, put on just about anything and headed for home. Well think again. They got to their place and the first place that they ran to was the mirror to look at themselves. The room had two beds, one on the left and the other on the right, and study tables on each side. One side was made the kitchen  and the other was the study, where the computer, radio, textbooks, and laptop was placed, and on the kitchen side you will find the basics such as pots, stove, fridge and food. the mirror was place right in the middle of the room. It was big enough both of the boys in full length.  

“Oh No, My face! Oh God, I have a blue Eye” Punna whispered. You could feel the sadness in his voice, but Themba tried to console his best friend, but pulled away when he realised that his tears are near.
“It’s not so bad Punna; you still look like a charmer, now take a bath and let’s go home”.

At the Main Gate waiting for the taxi, we find the two rearranged faces, one dressed in Gucci glasses and the other in the dark tinted Prada glasses. Their attires complemented the each other; one could swear that they are headed for the Durban July. When the taxi arrived, they both quickly got into it heading for their homes. They sat at the back seat of the taxi looking at the sunrise, as it made its way to Pretoria on the Mabopane highway, the phone rang.  It was Sanele, one of the Drama group members Themba belonged to, Punna had quit the group because of a number of circumstances. Punna picked up:
“are the rumours true?"  it was a sharp and rather squeakily voice, It must have belonged to one of the members from the drama society. "You were touching some guy’s buts and you got beat up? Emmanuel told us! Is it true?”
“What?” Punna answered with shock and disbelief. 

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