Sunday, March 11, 2012

Phone Call from Jail...

This is by far the freakiest thing that has ever happened to me. At exactly 01:52 AM I received a miss call. Like a penniless person, I replied to the miss call with a please call me sms. Minutes later the call came in “Hello, do u know who you are talking to?” a rough and harsh voice came from the far end of the call. There seemed to be noise in the background, I figured that the caller must be at some party or something. “Who is this?” I questioned as I failed to register the voice. “I will call and explain to you later.” It was the most annoying moment of my life.

I was dreaming about the perfect office and job that I have always wanted. I must highlight that I was driving a Chevrolet Cruize in this massive dream that I so wish it becomes a reality. It was one of those existing long dreams, but I loved what came to my eyes, well what was in my mind in this case.

After a number of ticks and tocks, I woke up, went to church and came back. I prepared lunch and sat on my lovely couch and tuned on to Vuzu TV. In less than 60 seconds after the landing of my plate on the coffee table, there was a vibration. I had forgotten to save the number, I answered and engaged on minute conversation with a stranger who made me guess who he is and he then concluded that he will mms me his picture then I will remember.

A few minutes later, just when my coffee was about to get finished, the the mms reached the shores. It was a complete stranger, someone that I have never seen or heard of in my entire existence. The vibrator took off and followed by the sound and I answered on the spot. “hello” I answered and immediately painted him with questions: “Where do I know you from?” facebook” he answered. “Ok, where are you from? Where are you now” facebook, and I am in jail”. It was like I have just seen a ghost on a Sunday! I repeat, On a Sunday. Whathave I done?  I have accepted a random facebook invite and little do I know that I will be inviting a whole new world- a world that I never planned to exist in.

Me being me, I calmly dealt with the situation and highlighted that all the happenings are not in line with the perfect plan of my life. Be careful of who you add or accept on you social network sites.  

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