Friday, March 8, 2013


When I am home I am happy with my secret
It embraces me and keeps near

In public it confronts me
It hits me. It is hard
Outside it reminds me
It nags me
It irks me
Outside I am an outsider
Outside it reminds me
It stops me from smiling
It says, "weirdo you are not normal. You are not one of us"
It shuts me up
It gags me
It restricts me

The hateful glare of judgment keeps me glued to my secret

At home the walls don't judge
They don't have a look of disdain and disgust about them
They are silent and cold
But my secrets stays close
It spoons with me. It is warm
We have our problems
We fight
Then we remember
I'm nothing without it
 I am a freak without it
That I need to keep it
I embrace it and we make out

It is an opera, isn't it?

I need to tell you
My secret is abusive
It is intrusive
It doesn't want me to have friends
It doesn't want to leave me alone
I don't want it to leave

This poem was written by a close friend Takatso... I see the talent burning inside you, please answer the calling...

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